Tube & Unit Heaters

Most homes, garages and shops can have improved comfort. There are many options available for all applications to improve the comfort in your space, even in areas without duct runs. Based on the required heating, cooling, energy efficiency, type of space, and budget available, we will find an option that is suitable for your home.

Tube Heaters

Comfort and Even Heating:
Radiant heat creates a more comfortable environment by eliminating drafts and providing even warmth throughout the room.

Space Saving:
The absence of bulky radiators or ductwork allows for more flexible and efficient use of space within the space.

Improved Indoor Air Quality:
Since there are no ducts to collect and distribute dust, allergens, or other pollutants, radiant heating systems contribute to better indoor air quality.
Residential radiant heat installation offers a modern, efficient, and comfortable solution to space heating. As property owners increasingly prioritize energy efficiency and comfort, radiant heating systems continue to gain popularity.

Unit Heaters

We offer a wide range of sizes, giving a suitable option for any size of space or heating requirement. There are also separated combustion options available, meaning that even if your work space is damp, dusty or dirty, you can still achieve comfortable heating without causing damage to the unit heater.

At Enns Air, we can recommend the best solution

Having all the facts, and some professional advice from Enns Air, can help you select the system best suited for your homes, garages and shops. Enns Air offers multiple brands and solutions for all your heating needs whether its with radiant heaters or unit heaters.

Contact us today and we can help recommend a tube heater or unit heater for your space heating needs.


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