Heat Pumps

Single-Stage and Variable-Speed – Ducted

The most common type of Heat Pump system pairs an exterior heat pump with an indoor air handler, working in tandem to circulate the air throughout your home. Heat pumps can also be matched with a furnace – called a dual-fuel system. Matching your heat pump with a compatible air handler or furnace will help generate optimum efficiency and ideal system performance.

Ductless Mini Splits

No Ducts? No problem!

Ductless mini-splits offer heating and cooling without the need for ductwork. Gone are the bulky, loud, inconvenient, “window-shaker” days. Mini-splits allow for quiet, comfortable air movement to keep your home comfortable. Multi-head options are also available to provide zoned heating and cooling in your home, without multiple outdoor units. Whole home comfort is still achievable without a ducted furnace system!

Mini-splits are a compact heat pump system that provides heating and cooling without the need for added ducting. Ductless mini-split heat pumps are a highly efficient solution for transforming garages, sunrooms and other ductless installation areas into comfortable, 4-season solution. With a small footprint and incredible low noiselevels, you have the flexibility to add HVAC while reducing the expense and aesthetic impact of adding air ducts to an existing home. Mini-splits offer comfort and flexibility for nearly any area of your home.

At Enns Air, we can recommend the best solution

Having all the facts, and some professional advice from Enns Air, can help you select the system best suited for your home and your family’s needs. Enns Air offers multiple brands and solutions for all your heating & cooling needs whether its a heat pump or a ductless minisplit system. We can help you find the best option available for your specific needs.

Contact us today and we can help recommend a Heat Pump or Mini Split system for your home.


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