At Enns Air, we provide a full range of HVAC related services. You can learn more about our services below, but our specialty is indoor air quality & home comfort. You can read more about our indoor air quality and home comfort services by clicking here.

HVAC Service & Installation

  • We service and install a full range of residential, commercial and industrial HVAC equipment.
  • Our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction is unmatched.
  • Customers should expect the installation of their new HVAC system to be extraordinary.

Our Residential services include:
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Retrofitting
  • Upgrade of HVAC systems
  • Installation of new HVAC systems
  • Whole house air cleaner installations
  • Energy-saving recommendations and facilitation
  • Parts replacement

Our Commercial services include:
  • Heating and air conditioning system service
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Diagnostic assessment
  • Temperature control solutions
  • Energy management solutions
  • Replacements and retrofits

Installation of new systems

Our industrial services include:
  • Expert service on all HVAC and refrigeration makes and models
  • Repair and parts replacement
  • Preventative maintenance program
  • Energy management and control
  • New equipment installation
  • Equipment retrofits

Sheet-metal Fabrication

We design, fabricate, assemble, install and repair sheet metal products that are generally used in ductwork. In the fabrication work, we lay out and measure pieces to specifications. We then assemble and join the pieces using mechanical fasteners. This allows us to customize the ductwork for your exact needs and minimize the expense to our customers.

Gas Line Installation

Enns Air installs gas lines to stoves, dryers, natural gas Bar-B-Q’s and pool heaters. We also install high efficiency furnaces, gas fireplaces and tankless water heaters. When adding a gas line to your home we need to determine if your house can support the demand of an additional appliance.The first consideration for us is the incoming pressure of the gas.Then we need to determine the current demand from all of your gas appliances, which includes your water heater, furnace, gas fireplace and possibly your gas stove. Finally, measuring the distance from the gas meter to the furthest point of the house is required. The total BTU?s in the house and the length of the gas line will help us determine if the incoming line is the correct size.

Typically, all Gas Line Installation projects should be performed by experienced professionals. Proper Gas Line Installation requires considerable experience, skill and attention to detail. When homeowners don’t use a professional, mistakes are noticeable, may be difficult and expensive to remedy and may actually reduce the market value of your home.

Retrofit Services

Retrofits give you the opportunity to use higher efficiency equipment and add features that give you increased comfort, safety and durability in addition to reduced energy use. This includes multiple-speed heating or cooling systems that match building loads, added economizers that will provide better ventilation and reduce electricity consumption, and added zoning to increase comfort in homes with large open areas that are poorly conditioned. For the most part, retrofits seem to be done in a piecemeal fashion, with individual building components replaced gradually over time, with little thought given to the interactions of the systems. At Enns Air, we take a full systems approach that looks at the entire building and all of its components as one system. We do this for many reasons that include determining the correct sizing system for loads from envelope conduction, window solar gain and infiltration reduction so that loads are reduced by a proper retrofit.

A retrofit can avoid potential problems from increased condensation when air conditioning is added to previously un-cooled homes. This approach is cost effective by reducing the total cost compared to multiple individual retrofits. We understand that your comfort as well as your budget are important to you. We take the full system approach for a retrofit so that your costs are minimized and your comfort level is maximized.

Fireplace Installation

We specialize in the sales, service and installation of gas fireplaces that are designed to give you absolute comfort and control with the ease of flicking a switch or pressing the button on a remote. Different venting options are available to give you reliable performance year after year. Using zone heating technology, you heat the rooms you use most often to help reduce your heating bills. With our friendly, professional and personalized service, we can help guide you towards a quality fireplace that will give you the ambiance and warmth to suit your needs for many years to come.